Polebrook Golden Jubilee          
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The Organisers

A lot of hard work was put in by the organising committee who helped 'put on the show' - Their enthusiasm certainly helped make the day.. There was also lots more unsung villagers, family and friends who all mucked in..



Richard treasuring his games               David's treasure hunt - "how big was it?"    Anne for organising food, the cake & the anthem


Alex who organised the Fancy Dress        Jill and her tremendous prize seeking skills    Jane for the food, coordination & shoe leather

                                                                    Sue for helping to organise the food


Lorraine for posters, tickets and lots more - how the colour print cartridge shop will miss her!


Nev 4 the music - he didn't sing, it didn't rain   Cathy for shoe leather and putting up with Nev     Jay for bringing sensibility to it all